Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sunshine and Spinning!

Finally! The sun has come out and we have warm spanish sunshine!! Hopefully it will last but you never know here! I suppose the Galician weather is similar to England here - it goes from one extreme to the other! I hope the warm weather does last because that will give me an excuse for a trip to Mango to get some summery clothes! I love the way Mango is so normal here. At home (that's the UK) everyone is like 'Oooh Mango' and you have to go to a big city to even find a Mango shop!

I also wanted to share some of my new obsession - spinning!! I got a drop spindle for my birthday last year but I have only just really started to get going with it. I have been watching multiple youtube videos and joined a spindle group on Ravelry. It's such a relaxing pastime and so satisfying when you end up with a skein of yarn at the end. Allbeit a mini skein in my beginners case, but it's handmade yarn all the same!
Using up bits of wool from my stash - so far I have done a few mini skeins:

I have tried merino, blue faced leicester wool, falkland and I have even managed to spin Wensleydale curls to make a type of art yarn. That is my favourite so far!
There are a few more bits to take pictures of so I will upload them soon!


  1. Glad the sunshine has come out...perhaps it might here soon!
    I love your mini skeins Charlotte so colourful and I expect the Wensleydale curls one feels great too! - Drop spindling is something I keep thinking about but I am trying to keep my wooliness in managable proportions!
    Looking forward to seeing more minis - they are sooo scrummy!
    Ali x

  2. Ah, the colours are just beautiful - the sun must be inspiring you :-)

  3. The colours really are lovely! I tried using a drop spindle but I was rubbish at it and gave up. Got any tips?

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