Sunday, 20 May 2012

Reclaiming wool

Hello! I have a post today about a mini project -or rather 'mission'- I have been working on over this weekend! Any other feltmakers, fibre artists or wool addicts out there might be interested!It started off with me having a sort out of my fibre stash when I came across a bag of oddments, scraps of wool and half felted pieces. These came from offcuts from past projects or experiements:

Not a lot could be done with these bits, so I set about tearing and pulling the bits apart! After about a couple of hours or so, I had a big pile of fluffy, reclaimed wool fibres:

One of the things I love about working with wool is that there is very little or no waste. All this reclaimed wool will be used for the bases of some needle felted bowls I have been making!


  1. Hi, just popping over from the folksy blog thread to say hi! I'm a big fan of No waste crafting. i dont knit but all the scraps left over from my sewing projects, even the teeniest tiniest pieces get used in my card making or on some other tiny scale project. good work and lovely bowls! xx

  2. I love the lack of waste that felting involves too, it is so satisfying knowing everything gets used eventually... I keep all my tiny scraps of fabric as well as cut off bits from wet felting as I find I often use them in appliqué

  3. Couldn't agree more wool felt is versatile and every bit is not wasted. You can remake, carded again or as stuff. Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend.