Friday, 11 May 2012

Bits and bobs and Broomsticks!

Hi! I hope it is as sunny and warm as it is in Galicia today! This is cool - I have got the internet in my flat now! Well, not technically! The ice cream shop / cafe downstairs has got wifi now and we can pick up the signal! It's very tempting to keep logging on and sit looking at craft stuff all day but then I will never get anything done!
Todays post doesn't really have any kind of theme to it! I have got a couple of things to blog about!
First, I was browsing the Stumbleupon website and 'stumbling my interests'. I found a crochet website and something called Broomstick Lace crochet which looks interesting but complicated. I might give this a go sometime:

The link to the website:

The other thing, keeping on with the crochet theme - see, I turned this post into one with no theme into a crochet theme post! - is that I might have found where I can get the Inside Crochet magazine online! You can buy copies in PDF format on a website called Yudu or something. I'm off to give that a try in a moment and if it works I will let you know tomorrow!

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