Thursday, 7 June 2012

Decisions, decisions...

I have made a decision! I really don't like making decisions but I have done it!

I have been living and working in Lugo now since September last year. At first, we didn't think that English teaching was really for us and hardly made it till the end of the first term. But, we have stuck it out and we are now nearly at the end of our first year. We finish next Friday - big high fives coming up!!

We have decided not to stay a second year - we have a whole year of experience now and some money saved up. We have told the director of the school who was okay about it and he said to keep in touch. There is a possibility that we could come back in a years time if we wanted to.

So, my Spanish adventure is coming to an end! The plan is to go back home to the UK for a couple of months - completely veg out for two weeks and watch the whole of the Olympics! - then maybe go on another adventure. It could be a Polish adventure next...!


  1. That time has gone fast! Well done for sticking it out and sounds like you made a good impression on the director! All the best for your move back to the UK and relaxation time!
    Ali x

  2. Charlotte my email address is
    I did reply to your emails but it seems its no-reply to coments version

    Amanda :-)